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      Dear friends,
      Welcome to the website of Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Qixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., hope that this website can become a bridge and link for us to know each other, enhance friendship, strengthen cooperation and promote development.
      Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Qixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., under the direct leadership of GPHL for many years, with the support of leaders at all levels and the support of friends from all walks of life, through the joint efforts of all employees, one is located in the narrow street of the city The small factory has developed into a national sophomore enterprise that is one of the top 50 Chinese patent medicine manufacturers. Now it has the five advantages of "talent, technology, brand, capital, reputation", with "Qingxing Huaxu re-made pills", "Qingxing virtual sweat stop", "Qingxing Longfengbao", "Qingxing Jindan Pill" It is a representative of the male, female, old and young four series of six major dosage forms of nearly 80 varieties of quality products. With this opportunity, on behalf of all the staff of the company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the leaders and friends from all walks of life who have given us support and love for many years!
      Hundreds of battles, thousands of sails. In the new century where opportunities and challenges are surging, we will continue to develop and strengthen our Chinese medicine business strategy, adhere to the corporate spirit of “German, Trust, New, and” and adhere to the principle of “Guangzhou Medicine Star, Pharmaceutical Excellence”. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “gratefulness, responsibility, passion and wisdom” and implements the Qixing brand strategy, making Qixing a well-known brand at home and abroad. In accordance with the overall plan of GPHL, the sustainable and rapid development of Qixing Pharmaceutical will be realized, and new contributions will be made to promote the economic and social progress of the national medicine. I believe that there are the unremitting pursuits of Qixing people, the care and guidance of leaders at all levels, and the support of friends from all walks of life. The future of Qixing will be even more brilliant!
      90,000 miles of wind Peng is lifting, we look forward to friends at home and abroad and Qixing Pharmaceuticals go hand in hand to benefit human health together!
      I wish you all a smooth, healthy, happy family and good luck!

      20150116100013799.jpg Chairman of Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Qixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhang Chunbo
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