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      In order to facilitate the drug needs of patients, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Qixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provides over-the-counter drug mail order service.

      ·Mail order

      (1)Tel: 800-830-1681 (fixed-line, PHS can dial, free)  400-889-1336 (fixed-line, PHS, mobile phone can dial, only local call charges)

      (2)Add Guangzhou Baiyunshan Qixing Customer Service OnlineQQ: 2823161668。

      The customer (patient) mail order process requires first payment, remittance amount = drug retail price × quantity + postage, if you need mail order, please contact Baiyunshan Qixing customer service specialist to inform the name and quantity of the purchased drug, the consignee contact information (name , phone, address) and other content.

      ·Postage instructions

      The postage is paid by the customer, and the postage is charged by the post office and the courier company. According to the different postage in different places, the actual occurrence of the post office and the courier company shall prevail.

      If you are suspected of postage, please call our customer service hotline at 800-830-1681 or 400-8891-336 for consultation.

      You can choose the following mailing method:
      • Mailing methodYuantong ExpressEMSSurface mail
      • First weight15 yuan/kg20 yuan/0.5 kg10 yuan/kg
      • Continued weight12 yuan/kg15/.05 kg5 yuan/kg
      • days2-3 days2-3 days7 days-15 days
      • Transport toNational large and medium-sized citiesNationwideNationwide
      • RemarksThe charges are different according to different places. The exact tariff is based on the actual weighing of the post office and the courier company.

      Note: The postage fee and packing fee are subject to the invoice of the post office, and more or less

      ·Delivery time

      After our company receives your remittance, the relevant staff will send the goods within three working days (except holidays), and send the balance together with the invoice after mailing the medicine.

      The mailing speed depends on the postal logistics and express delivery company. You can check on this website.“Mail order progress”And related information。

      ·Mail order consultation

      1. Call us

      Contact number: 800-830-1681 (fixed telephone, PHS can dial, free) 400-889-1336 (fixed telephone, PHS, mobile phone can dial, only local calls)

      Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Qixing Customer Service QQ No.:2823161668

      fax: 020-82195025

      Address: No. 32, Yunpu 1st Road, Luogang District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

      post code:510530

      2. This website provides mail order consultation service, please clickI want to consult
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